Can the iOS version be exported to the Windows non-beta version?

I’ve been using the Windows Scrivener for years now. I am apparently getting an iPad Air 3 for Christmas (ikr?).

Is it feasible to work on Scrivener iOS and then export it to the non-beta Windows version?

I have already seen people commenting on problems between the Mac version and the standard Windows version as far as compatibility goes, so I want to check whether it’s worth buying the iOS version yet, or do I need to wait for Windows v3?

I mainly wanted the iPad so all my character and story design can go paperless, thus saving 20+ pine trees per annum. :laughing:

iOS Scrivener can work with either the Scrivener 3 project format or the Mac Scrivener 2/ Win Scrivener 1 format. Enjoy your new iPad!

(Note that it cannot convert between the two formats, however.)

Guidelines for configuring synchronization can be found here: … g-with-ios


Thank you. I will freely admit that iPad OS is a shock to the system after years on Windows and Android (including Samsung and Huawei). I keep looking for the little ‘back’ arrows that are not there.

Looking forward to grabbing iOS Scrivener as soon as I get to grips with this new device. Typing is very responsive on it compared to my Huawei, can even use both hands. Loving the Apple Pen too, but it seems to eat battery. I will get all this figured out soon.

I will need to figure out DropBox next. I have a NAS at home for my Scrivener backups and usually pass things around on OneDrive.