Can the newest version (1.9.7) run Scrivener 2 projects from a Mac?

Most of the documents in my thesis are blank when I open the project on my Windows PC.

I don’t know if this is connected, but any time I try to open a project from anywhere other than the task bar, I get the ‘The requested operation requires elevation’ message. Just in case it’s relevant.

The answer is yes, the latest Mac v2 and the latest Windows v1 of scrivener use compatible project formats.

How did you transfer the project from Mac to PC? It’s likely that the copy method has somehow affected who ‘owns’ parts of the project, and is why Scrivener can’t read the contents of your binder entries.

I exported the project to a dropbox folder (from Scrivener 3 on Mac), then copy/pasted it onto my PC desktop.

So on the Mac, you…

  1. exported to version 2 format using the File>Export>as Scrivener 2 Project menu…
  2. into the dropbox folder on your mac,
  3. which then automatically synced up to
  4. You waited until the dropbox icon in your menu showed that it was done syncing

… and then, on your Windows computer, you…

  1. opened a browser and logged on to
  2. located the project there and…?
  3. copied some text from the web browser…?
  4. pasted that text into something?

Understanding what you did is going to require you to break down your actions, what applications you used, what websites you went to, what file(s) you interacted with and how, etc…, much like I did above.

I tried the process again and was perhaps more patient. I’m not sure. Either way, it’s working now. Thanks for the help!

On a side note, have anyone figured out a fix for the ‘requires elevation’ issue?

Well, that’s what I was trying to get at… when I sync using the dropbox application on both ends (not using an internet browser for any part of it), everything works fine. So I was trying to find out if the problem stemmed from you downloading via a web browser. Also, my process for sharing projects never requires a ‘cut and paste’ of anything, which had me curious what it was that you were cutting, and where you were pasting it…

In short; tell us all of the steps you take to get your project from Mac v3 to Windows v1, in detail, and maybe someone can figure out where the issue is coming from. By changing a single step in your workflow, you might be able to eliminate the ‘requires elevation’ issue that I’m not seeing. It’s certainly not a common issue, from what I’ve observed.