Can the Synopsis Window be Enlarged?

I am starting to like the Synopsis feature very much, and I am wondering if there a way to make that window a bit larger. I saw some screenshots on this forum where it looked like that’s possible, but may be it’s an old feature. I have Scrivener 2.8 which I think is the latest version.

I recently started using Scrivener, hence the many questions I have. Thank you for your patient answers.

I can think of four ways you can see more text for the synopsis. There may be more…

a) Drag the vertical bar between the Editor and Inspector to the left and the synopsis panel will expand with it – up to a certain point.

b) Use Corkboard view and make the cards bigger – the front of the cards is actually the Synopsis text and you may see more that way. Again, up to a certain point.

c) Use Outline view – if you look at the header bar of the online on the extreme right there is a small downward arrow. Click on that and it allows you to choose ‘And Synopsis’ – your synopses will appear below the document titles in the outline. I don’t know what the size limit is for this, but I’ve just tried it with >1000 words and there was no problem.

d) Use a Quick Reference panel. If you highlight your document in the binder and press you’ll get a pop up panel. In the drop down box at the bottom right, you can select ‘Synopsis’. You can make the panel as big as you like. Note, to create more than one panel at once, highlight more than document and press .

Which window do you mean, Katherina? If you mean the Inspector pane on the extreme right of the screen, you can put your cursor over the left boundary of that pane and a drag handle will appear which you can then drag left or right. (If you want to drag the lower boundary of the Synopsis window in the Inspector pane up or down, I think that this may not be possible, because of limits set by the geometry of the tools the developer has used to create the Inspector pane.) If you’re referring to the sizing of the Index cards (in which the Synopsis also appears), you can set the size of the cards via a menu reached by pressing an icon showing four small index cards in the lower right corner of the card board pane.

I mean the Synopsis in the Inspector. Using the horizontal bar, I was able to make that area larger. I wish there was a way to expand it vertically because I have a lot of room in the bottom part of the inspector for the Project Notes area, which I do not use, so it is taking unnecessary real estate on my screen.

There may be very useful ways to use the Project Notes, but I am not aware of this yet. Suggestions, though, are welcome.

Katherina, two things:

  • Scrivener provides not only Project Notes (which are of course generic to the entire project), but also Document Notes, which are particular to each document in your project, and may be useful to you. Document Notes are accessed by pressing the opposed chevrons at the end of the line in which the title Project Notes is found. (Again, as far as I know you won’t be able to expand the pane vertically, but you will have space in addition to the Synopsis pane.)

  • Somewhere in these forums, the developer has explained why he’s found it impossible to make the Synopsis pane in the Inspector taller. As I implied above, the reasons have something to do with the geometry of the tools that Apple provides. (I haven’t been able to find the post, and I’ve no idea whether the constraint may be lifted in the future.)

I find the Project/Document notes feature you describe to be extremely useful. One can store a lot of information, sorted with content labels, in the Project notes. I keep a quick reference list of characters, locations, links to aviation and nautical charts, and other data that might be useful over a range of chapters.

I also use the document notes feature as a larger synopsis. It’s a piece of cake to switch between them. I confess I used Scrivener for a couple of years before I realized this feature was even there.

One of the nice features is when I’m dual column on my laptop, I can hide the binder and Inspector while still having them instantly available by moving the cursor to the appropriate edge of the screen. Move cursor, glance, return to writing. Works great.

Scrivener is a program with a ton of features that await discovery.


Yay!! I was on the verge of giving up on Scrivener in mid-trial until this thread alerted me to the existence of the Document Notes. The Corkboard isn’t for me, and the Synopsis window is too small, but to have a big space for notes which is document-specific, and which sits alongside the main document window, is exactly what I need, so I shall be going ahead and buying.

Of course these days the synopsis area in the inspector can be made even larger than the main editor. :wink:

[size=80]And in fact Document Notes can be collapsed, devoting this pane to the synopsis alone.[/size]

And in Outliner mode, if you turn off most of the columns, enable Title + Synopsis, and set the view to centred mode, you can even use that interface for outline-based writing:

But I do agree in general, the Notes feature is going to be better for very long notes such as the one depicted above. :slight_smile:

(P.S. I see your platform tag is set to Windows, so these are in the beta if anywhere.)

Thanks! And the new Windows version will come some day - looking forward to that.