Can the Table utility auto-sum?

I love Scrivener and am about to buy it. May I first ask two newbie questions?

  1. In the Table utility, is it possible to auto-sum the results of a numerical column, below the column, as one can in Word? (=SUM(ABOVE))

  2. If I imported a Word table into Scrivener would it retain that formula?

Probably not in both cases, But I have an application that could use it. Any thoughts?

Our table feature is a hand-rolled thing that is aimed at simple usage. In most cases you would want to save final styling and touch up of tables for Word. So just leave an empty cell where you would put the sum code in for now.

Something you could investigate is search and replace. If you type “%SUM” into the cell in Scrivener, and then export that to RTF and open it in Word, I think you can do a search and replace, replacing the “%SUM” with the “{=SUM(ABOVE)}” field. I’m not enough of an expert at Word to help you with that if you do not know how, but I’m sure there is a simple how-to on the Web.