Can we create an Unsearchable Folder outside Root Folders to store Alternative Scenes

I placed a “Junkyard” folder outside of the Root folders for a “alternative/unworthy” scenes (compile Excluded). I do not want these searchable, but I do want them for viewing in case I change my mind. None of the options in Project Search satisfying my need to search the 2 root folders: Research for all my notes (compile Excluded) and Drafts for my scenes (compile Included); while leaving his Junkyard folder out. I don’t plan on switching (rarely) the Project Search “Options”, even if I did there’s not a selection criteria that satisfies this simple request. I guess I could hack it and put them in Templates folder. I also just noticed that Quick Search searches everywhere (title, synopsis, text) so they will come up there, but I could work around that.

How about “Search Binder Selection Only?”

The “Invert Results” flag might also be useful. It takes whatever your search criteria are, and then provides all the files that do not meet it.


Thanks. Binder selection could work if I wanted to highlight everything but the Junkyard folder and go in each time and change the Search options to Binder selection only but no way I’m doing that. It should be pretty simple, that I think i’m just missing it. You have items in draft (included in compile) you have notes inside or outside Drafts (Research) that are (excluded from compile) and stuff that not searched. I’d leave it on that setting most of the time. It does work if I put it in Templates (and have it checked excluded).