Can we globally update script settings?

Hi. I’ve been using Scrivener for nearly the entire trial period now, and I love it. I’m coming from Celtx.

Anyway, I’m using Scrivener to write a comic book, and I’ve been adapting my format as I go which means changing the Script Settings around like adding parenthetical words and such. Currently I’m converting all of my dialogue to uppercase.

So I’ve changed the Script Settings so that from now on when I type dialogue it will be in uppercase, but, of course, it will only affect future dialogue unless I re-capitalize script. However, I can only figure out how to do that on one page at a time.

Is there a way to globally update the settings throughout the current project other than going through scene/page by page and saying “re-capitalize script”? I’ve been searching the forum for hours and I guess I may be the only one who wants to do this.

I currently have a few hundred pages that I need to do this on, and would rather be writing more than going through each individual page to update it.

I guess this would apply to all Script Settings changes, not just capitalizing dialogue.

I hope I’m asking this correctly, because I’m still unfamiliar with all the terms used in Scrivener. To put this another way: My script consists of one folder per issue of the comic book. Each of those folders contains several pages/text documents (the template shows it with PAGE < $N > at the top, I think they’re simply referred to as “Text” as in right click -> Add -> New Text). I’m wanting to update the script settings in all of those pages at once rather than one by one.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give, no matter how small. . . sounds like I’m collecting money for a charity. . .

Edit: changed the subject to be a question hoping that helps.

So is it that nobody knows, or is it just not possible? It’s not really a big deal, it would just be nice to know.


Sorry, just found this in the differences between Windows and Mac versions.

“On Windows, if you change script settings, existing script documents do not get updated to use the new settings, instead being recognised as “General Text” after any changes.”

I don’t know why this didn’t come up when I searched for the words “script settings”.

I’m guessing if there was a way to globally update the settings throughout the project, it would have been mentioned there, but it’s still a little unclear to me.

Sorry for the late reply. There is not a way to do this at the moment, no; the elements are recognized based on their formatting, so if you change the formatting in settings, text with the older formatting will no longer be recognized as that element. You’ll need to manually select it and reassign the element to update it to the new formatting. We do have plans for a method of optionally updating the elements throughout the project when you make changes to the script settings, so this should be coming in 2.0.

Thank you for the reply.

Well, it seems to recognize it as dialogue, still, but doesn’t update it to the new settings to capitalize it. So at least I don’t have to individually select each instance of dialogue and update it. I can do it per page, which is a long process, but I like busywork :smiley: