Can we have a configurable font?

I love that I can set the font size large so that I can see what I am writing in the main writing editor.

However I need to use a magnifying glass to read the text in the Binder and the Synopsis etc. This is obviously not very convenient.

Would it be possible to add these so that us visually impaired folk can get the most from the software?



I would walk through the Appearance, Corkboard and Formatting preference panes. Within these you will find quite a large number of font settings for changing how the interface looks.

Thanks AmberV

I’ve managed to increase the size of the font in the synopsis and the cork board cards.

Still can’t increase the font in the “Document Notes” though, which is odd as there is a setting for notes font, but presumably they are other notes.

The Binder remains as tiny as ever but I only have to glance at that for navigation, so not such an eye strain.

To be honest, I would much prefer a zoom drop down like in the editor, as that allows me to quickly zoom in an out without having to fiddle about with the font size at all.

Thanks again


Preferences > Appearance then Fonts: Binder changes the font on my Binders. In fact it changes dynamically as I fiddle with the font size, which should mean you can find a size that is comfortable for you to use.

[EDIT] However, the notes fonts is not retroactive any change is only used for new text.

They are one and the same, but since Document and Project Notes allow one to style their text, it would be destructive to change the font and size via a setting. You’ll just need to change those by hand with the Format Bar or the Cmd-T font palette.

Zooming is a somewhat fragile thing, and the source of many display bugs. Changing the native font size is stable, gives you more control anyway as you can pick any size you want, not just a few pre-selected magnification values. And once you get the software set up, it’s probably not something you have to think much about anyway. I haven’t changed my default fonts in years.

And as for in the main UI itself, zooming is not an option we have available. That’s not a Mac programming feature, unfortunately. Mac user interfaces are historically very rigid (and since Scrivener is backward compatible to 10.4, that is present tense as well). Nearly everything you see in the user interface is hand-placed and cannot react to even program requests. If the font size around checkboxes and sliders could be changed, everything would break apart.

Apple’s answer is universal zooming, in the Accessibility system preference pane. It has two modes, a “loupe” setting that magnifies the area around your mouse, and a full-screen zoom setting (the screen pans around with your mouse).

Thank you very much folks.

I can’t believe I missed those settings after so many attempts to find them. I fear dementia must be setting in…

You have made a huge difference for me :slight_smile:

Thanks so much