can we have an undo button for un-trashing stuff?

I love Scrivener, I love it so much.

Sometimes I hit delete, when I think my curser is inside a document, but instead I accidentally move folders or files to the trash. I know I can just open the trash can and get them out, but as I’ve just done - I don’t know which two things I just sent to the trash and there are plenty of docs in the trash already. I don’t know how to sort the trash so I can see which ones were the most recent to be put in there. If only I could undo the last two things I did - and the trash could spit them back out…

Anyway, love the software. Small wish. Cheers.

Glad you like the software! The last item is always added to the very bottom of the Trash folder. I’m afraid undo is very tricky so I won’t be able to add it for things like this just yet - that’s the sort of stuff I hope to address in v2.0, off in the future.

Yes, please PLEASE allow “undo” to untrash items trashed in the previous action.

Er… I already replied to this… Here and elsewhere. As I said, undo is very thorny… Do a forum search for my full explanation elsewhere.