Can we PLEASE have the option...

Can we PLEASE have the option to TURN OFF the x-y repeating of the background texture in composition mode in Scrivener 3? Please? That didn’t happen in Scrivener 2, and ti’s driving me crazy. I can’t set a background for Composition Mode without the dang texture repeating itself all over the screen. Thanks.

Never mind, I figured out how to get the background to work. You have to go to Project Settings > Background Image to get a background that doesn’t tile.

Hah, on seeing this I went “Yahoooo!” and went looking for the project settings on formatting. The “Use Current” button for “Main Text Formatting” is greyed out. Curse the thing.

Maelduin, have you got the ‘Use different formatting for new documents in this project’ boxed ticked — the ‘Use current formatting’ is only available if that option is ticked, otherwise every new document uses the default in Preferences > Editing > Formatting (which also has a Use Current button).

The cursor also has to be in the Editor with both, of course, because you’re actually defining the default ‘no style’ paragraph so you need to have a paragraph for the default to be copied from.