Can we uninstall the older beta version after installing bet

I misread directions and did not uninstall before doing the new download. Will uninstalling the old version now create any problems (you know about)?


Alright, I take it you installed the new 1.4 upgrade with out uninstalling 1.3. Do you still have a shortcut that says Beta 1? Does this shortcut actually open anything?

Correct. I didn’t install beta 1.3 first. Now I have one icon on desktop that says Beta, other says Beta 1.4 Both will call up the program. Both start up with a notice that this beta version is good until Jan 30 2011. Right now, the version started from the earlier icon is non-responsive, so I can’t answer more questions.

Can I uninstall one of the versions now. My computer has been very very slow since Sunday and frequently becoming unresponsive.

Using XP with 2 MB RAM

Um… you only have one installed. The other is just a shortcut left over. If both lead to the same program only one is installed.

There seem to be two versions according to Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs. I would like to remove one of them.

Right click mouse to Properties reveals the plain Beta icon with the date I first installed it. While Beta 1.4 icon has the date of Dec 13. Yet with either shortcut calling up a program, the Help --> About reveals they are both 1.4.

If the two versions of the program seem indistinguishable in Add or Remove Programs, as neither has a version number listed, and both are exactly 150 MB, I will try to uninstall one of them and pray At worse, I could uninstall both and then reinstall beta 1.4

After uninstalling one, I had lost scrivener.exe, so I reinstalled.