Can wildcards be used in searches?

Are there wildcards that I can use in searching?

I’d like to create a Collection of all documents that have Document Notes. I know I can limit the Search window to “Notes”; but how do I get results that have anything typed in the Notes? I tried typical wildcard characters (question mark and asterisk), but they were taken literally. My workaround is to type only a [space] into the search window, and that seems to work (so long as my notes are always more than a single word).

Am I missing something more obvious?


  • Ken

Just following-up on my query in the first post…any suggestions?

There’s no way to do this at the moment, but it will be included in the next major version.

MM – Thanks. My workaround (typing just a [space]) has been working for me, but it’s good to know I had (again) overlooked something obvious in the manual. From my PoV, not a major rush request.
– Ken

In situations like this, I use two consecutive semicolons [::] to create a kind of virtual keyword or tag. Since two semicolons never otherwise appear in my project, I can search for them independent of the type of Scrivener object they appear in, and keep the Project search set for All and Exact Phrase (which is the most common search I do.)

If you were to add a custom code to all your Document Notes (perhaps something like ::dn) you could search for something more visible and intentional than just a space.

MimeticMouton wrote:
‘There’s no way to do this at the moment, but it will be included in the next major version.’ in 2014

Is there a way in Scrivener to search a field (e.g. Title) for documents beginning with a particular letter? For example in FileMaker Pro searching ==D* finds records which are EXACTLY (by the ==) the letter “D” followed by zero or more characters (by the *)?

I can’t find a way yet.