Can word count exclude footnotes?

I write for magazines and am occasionally required to footnote my articles. These footnotes are for fact checkers, not readers, and are therefore not part of my word limit. Word limits can be VERY strict and I rely heavily on the word counter. Right now the word count function includes the footnotes which skews things quite a bit on heavily researched stories. Is there any way you can allow us to choose whether or not the word count function includes footnotes?

I see this scenario playing out with annotations, as well.

That said, I LOVE Scrivener. I’m writing a very heavily researched article and can’t imagine how I’d keep everything straight without this program.

The best way is just to use project statistics (View > Statistics > Project Statistics). The “Draft” part of that uses your Export Draft settings, so if they are set not to include footnotes then footnotes won’t be counted (same for annotations).

I’m afraid that the “live” word count at the bottom of the view cannot exclude footnotes for the very fact that it is live, and making calculations to exclude certain ranges could slow down typing.

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Thanks! It took me a few minutes to figure out the “Export Draft” part, but it works fine now. I’d rather do this than slow down the whole application.

Thanks for the tip and the VERY FAST reply!