Can you add bookmark/s to a folder ?

Hi All,
I hope someone can help…I’d like to add bookmarks to a FOLDER in ‘Draft’.
Is that possible?

Some background: the way I use Scrivener is that each folder in Draft is a chapter, and each chapter has several files with each file corresponding to a section. I know I can attach one or more bookmarks to any of those files/sections.

However, I’d like to attach bookmarks to NOT a specific file in a folder, but to the folder itself.

The reason I’d like to do this is to keep the number of bookmarks per file (section) to a minimum…some information is background information or an outline of the whole chapter, and then I would like to attach that as a bookmark to the folder itself, and NOT to any or all files in that folder.

Does this make sense?
Is it possible?

(At the moment, if I click on the folder in Draft and view the bookmarks in the inspector, I see a list of ALL bookmarks in ALL files in that folder…this isn’t so useful to me as it makes everything rather cluttered…)


Are you in Scrivenings mode?

If Scrivener has loaded all of the documents in a folder, it will load all of their bookmarks, too.

To see just the top level folder bookmarks, look at just the top level folder document. Go to the View menu and uncheck ‘Scrivenings.’


Katherine, you were spot on and I was in Scrivenings mode.
Turning that off allows me to see what I want, when I want :slight_smile:

Many thanks!