Can You Apply Custom Labels To All Projects?

I recently discovered the ability to create custom labels, and I’ve found the perfect set of labels for all my projects. Is there a way to save these custom labels to all my projects? Or will I have to go back and manually change the labels?

There are two issues here. First, updating existing projects.

  1. Open the (‘source’) project with the custom labels and go to Project > Project Settings > Labels
  2. Open the ‘target’ project and open the same dialogue.
  3. Highlight the custom labels in the source and drag them over to the target dialogue box.

That’s it: the same process works with labels, section types, statuses and custom metadata.

New projects. Long term you’re going to want to get the same labels in any new project. To do this you simply create (or amend) an existing Project Template and drag the custom labels into it as above. Then, any new project with that template will have them already installed. (If you’re not sure about Project Templates, they are explained nicely in the Interactive Tutorial. but please ask if you have problems!)


You can create a template for future projects. I don’t think there’s an easy way to add the labels to all past projects, though.