Can you bold the title for text documents in the outliner?

Can you?

Try FILE > OPTIONS > APPEARANCE > OUTLINER. Then, you may find that “Remove bold from titles with no synopisis” is ticked “on” by default. Untick that, and you should find that your titles of all outliner items are bolded.

Hmm… but i have texts that do have synopsis and would like their titles to be bold or pop out.

The default condition seems to be Bold.
Having the condition ticked, REMOVES bolding from those outline items that don’t have a synopsis

Unticking that condition desribed above, turns ON the bolding for those that DON’T have a synopsis.
Outline Bold On All.jpg
Outline Bold Condition.jpg

Figured out why it wasn’t working. For the Titles font in the Outliner menu it had Regular set to the font style, not Bold.

I’m glad you were able to work that out. 8)