Can you change the footnote "tooltip" hover period?

I’ve searched through the manual, various fora and FAQs for this, but can’t find mention of anything relevant.

Currently, if you hover the mouse pointer over a footnote anchor, it’ll take around three seconds for the footnote to appear. I’d prefer to be able to set this delay to around a second. Is there any way of doing this? I realise you can click on the anchor and have the footnote appear in the inspector, but that disrupts my reading flow.


No, there’s no way to do this. The appearance and delay of tooltips is all handled at the OS-level; there’s no way of adjusting it in code.

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You can do it in Terminal, cf. this MacWorld article (which is a little old, so check that it’s still applicable to your OS; I didn’t read through the whole thing). However, you might find it easier just to use the Format>Convert>Inspector Footnotes to Inline Footnotes command, given that it sounds like you’re trying to read the footnotes essentially in-line as you go through your text. You can always convert them back afterwards if you want them out of the way at other times.

Thanks for the replies.

What seems curious is that the time taken in Scrivener is far longer than the time taken for tooltips in any other app. Almost everything else on my machine has a tooltip appear in just under a second. The Scrivener notes take almost exactly three seconds. Are there different classes of tooltip in OSX?

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The extra time is probably just taken by Scrivener calling up the text from file and converting it to plain text; most tooltips are built-in rather than dynamic like this.

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