Can you change which version of Scapple you have installed after buying?

I apologize if this isn’t the right place to ask, but I wasn’t sure where would be appropriate.

I came across Scapple and downloaded the trial a couple months ago, when 1.2.6 was the current version for Windows. Since there was a message about not receiving future updates after purchasing, I waited until 1.4.0 was out to give that a try before purchasing. However, I’m unsure if this version will work out very well for me long-term - it seems to not work quite as well on my computer, and there’s a few kinks I’ve noticed that are making things a bit difficult for me (such as some of my notes now resizing themselves when I open a document, to where they’re only a single line tall but very long). I see that 1.4.1 is out now, but I honestly don’t have enough time left on my trial to see if that addresses any of the concerns I have about 1.4.0.

I’m nearly at the end of my trial period, and trying to figure out what my options are before I purchase. If I buy a license now, for the most recent version, would I be able to switch back to 1.2.6 later if the update doesn’t work out for me long-term? Conversely, if I revert to 1.2.6 and then buy, would I have to pay again later to give the update another try?


No! The upgrade from 1.2 to 1.4 is considered a “minor” upgrade, so no charge.

Prior to expiration of the trial period, I recommend you completely uninstall 1.4 and reinstall 1.2.6, to confirm that it works well enough on your particular setup for you to buy.

Then at your leisure you can try out 1.4.1.


Thank you! I had 1.2.6 for most of my trial, so I already know that version works well enough for me. I just made sure to “save” enough days to give 1.4 a try too before I purchased, and it’s the one that’s giving me a bit of trouble. It’s very good to know I have the option of sticking with 1.2 for now and switching in the future!

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