Can you choose the predetermined icons for the other type of file/document?

Can you choose the predetermined icon of files for documents and the predetermined icon of documents for files? I don’t see where can I chose them for the other type (there is a big list of icons, but none of them is the predetermined).
Also, is there a way I can download them? That way I can add them with the icon administrator.

Can you explain what you mean by “predetermined icon”?

Reset documents and folders to their Default icon using the top option in the File > Change Icon context menu.

Yes, I mean the default icon (I use the spanish version, so i’m not sure how some terms are in english, sorry about that), but what I want to do is to choose the default icons for any type of element, not just the ones that have those as defaults, did I explain myself? English is not my main language…
Like, the documents have their own default icon right? When you create a new document, it appears with that icon that looks like a sheet of paper. What i want to know it’s if I can use that default icon of documents, but for files (if I can choose it for whatever element I have in the binder).


This set of default icons have a default meaning in the Binder.
AFAIK these are not available for other other Binder items.

But you could save the icons as png-images separately and drop them in the Icon Manager, of course…
Then they become Custom Icons, duplicating the Default Icons and you can use them for every item in the Binder.

How can I save those icons as .png?

Never mind :slight_smile: Do you know how to UnZip? (35.1 KB)