Can you compile from outside the Master File?

Because the move function is so cumbersome in the Win version (in Mac you can “move to again,” which if you’re creating a submission of several poetry files is a lifesaver), I tried moving my submissions folder out of the master (since it doesn’t make sense there anyway). That would require fewer steps to move a document. But when I went to compile, there didn’t seem to be a way to access the folder.

With the submissions folder in the master, in order to move a file I have to right click a file and select move>master>subs>journals>name of journal (there are more than a hundred)>2020. This process has to be repeated each time…, for usually 5 poems per submission. That’s a lot of scrolling and clicking! Dragging isn’t so great, since I have to travel quite a distance in the binder, and files tend to disappear to god knows which folder.

Anyway, is there a way to make a folder that’s outside the Master accessible to the compile window? If not, are there other workarounds to the long process in the para above? Thanks so much!

I tried making the submissions folder a collection, but that only allowed me to compile the entire folder and not one of the sub-sub-sub folders, which is what I want to do. Thanks