Can you convert or reformat an existing template?

Hi, I’m new to the program although I do love it already.
I found a template I love for the Save the Cat Beat sheet the only problem is that it is formated for a screenplay and I’d like to use it for a novel. Is there a way to convert it?

I’d also like to know if it’s possible to have more than one index card per beat?? I would like to have 5 separate cards for The Set Up, beat so I can write out my plans for each of those scenes.
I hope I am wording this properly.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Create a project from the template, change it all you want, and save it as a new template. Then delete the old one, if you want.

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Thanks, I ended up doing just that. I was just hoping there was an easier way to do it.
Happy New Year!

How could it be easier? Surely you have to make the changes and you have to save the changes, and you don’t have to delete the old template, so …


By the way, this procedure is covered in §5.4.4, Revising Templates, of the user manual PDF.