Can you "count" a status?

Not a huge deal here but I am curious if there’s an easy way to get a count on a status? As in how many cards are first draft, to do, etc.

Right now what I am doing is counting manually in the outliner but I wondered if there was another way around it?


Run a search on just the status field. If you select all the results, view them in the cork board, and then set the view to 5 or 10 across, it should be easy to count. I assume at some point, they’ll add the option under View->Cork Board Options to number the index cards, but that hasn’t been added to the Windows version yet.

Oh, Bingo! Thank you. I already had a saved search/collection for that but it didn’t dawn on me to look at it in corkboard. You’re right, much easier to count.

I have to bribe myself sometimes with progress so this helps.

Thank you!