Can you delete a file instead of moving it to the trash?

While I have been using Scrivener for some time, I have a newbie question:

Can you delete something rather than move it to trash… or, instead of emptying all the trash, can you just delete a few things in the trash? I can’t seem to figure out how. I am trying to import custom-meta data into a new project form an old one (separate post) and it keeps failing. I do not need all this junk in the trash. The other trash from actual writings I want to keep.

Any ideas?

I would just move the items that you’d like to keep into a new folder that you create between the Research and Trash root folders. Then, you could move the stuff you think you might want to that folder for safekeeping.

You can then empty the trash to purge the unwanted items and lighten up the project’s file size at the same time.

It is possible to delete just some items in the trash. Trashed items can be selected just like any other binder folder. If you then try to delete them, you will be prompted to confirm the action, which can’t be undone.

But no, it’s not possible to delete files from the project without first sending them to the trash. This is a safety feature, and understandably so. But I also wish there were an option to just delete a file without going to trash first, some special key combination to override the trash detour, like how holding shift when deleting in Windows Explorer lets you bypass, with a prompt, the recycle bin.

It sounds like you are importing a lot of files that (for whatever reason) you are immediately deleting, and you to just want to be rid of them. I frequently generate similar documents that I’d rather just “trash” for good without it populating my actual trash. Alas, it is not possible.

This is important to me because of how the sync feature has a tendency to re-incorporate trashed files back into the project. This all but requires that I keep my trash empty.

How do you delete the file once it is in the Trash (Version ) I can’t seem to figure it out.

On the Mac its Cmd-Delete, same as put file in Trash, so I would assume Ctrl-Delete on Windows.



By the way, if you want to delete the lot at one go, it’s Project → Empty Trash

Thank you… I’ll try it :slight_smile:

Ah… I just checked… that does not seem to be an option in Scrivener 1.9*. Sorry about that.

Upgrading to 3 is pretty risk-free, btw…

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