Can you delete multiple keywords?

it’s possible to add labels to multiple documents by highlighting a bunch of them and then dragging a label from the HUD (always see Paul Newman when I type that) to one of them.

But can you delete labels from multiple documents? I like to label a bunch of articles I’m working on, and their research files, “Current”. It would be nice to be able to take this label off them all without having to do it one by one.

What am I saying? Keywords, I meant.

If you don’t still need the “Current” keyword at all, you could delete it from the HUD, which will remove it from all the documents it’s associated with. If you want the keyword to remain (e.g. you still have some other documents that you don’t want to delete the keyword from), you’ll need to remove it individually from each document. You could do a search for all documents with the keyword by selecting the keyword in the HUD and clicking “Search”; you’ll at least then have all the documents listed in the binder search results and can go through that quickly to remove the keyword from the ones that don’t need it. If you use keyboard shortcuts, you can just open up the inspector and go to the keywords for the first document to delete the keyword, then keep your focus there and use Opt-Cmd-Down to switch to the next document, etc. In the inspector, you can type the first letter of the keyword to jump to it quickly, if you have a large list of keywords.

Thanks, Jennifer. Hm. this all sounds a little complicated. I think I’ll have to set “1/March 2012” as a keyword for this month’s articles and then delete the keyword, as you first suggest, rather than deleting this week’s ‘Current’ keywords from eight articles and their 25 ‘notes’ documents.