Can you edit PDF files?

Hiya! Just trying Scrivener out and was wondering if I’m missing something. I’ve seen the option to copy the pdf file as text and can paste it, which I guess kind of works?
However, I was wondering if it’s possible to draw on top of pdf’s directly or highlight certain areas and make annotations and possibly if you can do this to other images also.

Thanks in advance.

EDITED:In the current version of Evernote Scrivener, you can’t directly interact with a PDF within the project, other than copying text (and even that’s somewhat awkward). I don’t know whether that’s planned to change in the new version, coming sometime this years.

Not directly—Scrivener is more like a hub, or database of sorts (the comparison to Evernote above isn’t too bad), for storing your research together in one place, with the idea being that you load these files out into specialist software as needed. If you use a program that uses standard methods for annotating and drawing on PDFs, those edits should show up in the Scrivener preview of the document, however.

My apologies for the reference to Evernote–I’d just been on the Evernote user forums, and my mind hadn’t totally switched gears! I’ve edited the post (changing the font of the word “Evernote” to a pale blue, in the absence of strikethrough).

Ah okay, thank you both for letting me know, really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

If you still need to do some edits there, you may always try Adobe’s one, it’s actually fine

When I had to do it, I went the other way. I do not have Adobe software has been installed, so I started looking for how to do this using a different option. I opened the search and found an excellent alternative. Online PDF editor you can also use it, in case if you will need the editor of PDF files again. In addition, this is an online version, so you do not need to install on your pc. The most convenient for me in such version, to use it on my phone, it very convenient.

Hello! I frequently edit PDF documents and I use LightPDF to do it. This is a free app so you won’t have to pay for anything. It has an editor and converter within the program which can be accessed by all. Check it out