Can you enlarge the format toolbar?

Hi everyone

I recently switched to the Windows version of Scrivener, and there are a number of changes that I’m not particularly satisfied with. The main one (at the moment) is that the format toolbar is really small. Is there a way to make it and its icons bigger?

As a side note, if any of you have some kind of list of the differences between the Mac and Windows versions, preferably with notes on how to change the relevant parts of the layout, I’d love a link! =)

Hello LL,
As no one has replied with a better suggestion, the only way I know of to enlarge the format bar is by increasing the menu font slightly. Tools / Options / Appearance then Fonts / General menus and windows. Although this makes the format bar easier to find and read it does have the disadvantage of enlarging all of the menu fonts.

Your requested list of differences between Mac and Windows is here in this very same section of the forum. Second item down in Windows Technical, written by the creator himself (KB that is not the old geyser with the white beard.)

Thanks - it’s not ideal, but it’s definitely better than nothing. =)