Can you export Scrivener Color Palette to new computer?


I’m slowly moving stuff to a new computer, including Scrivener. Both computers are Macs and I use/d Scrivener 3 on both. I’ve managed to export most of the Scrivener settings I needed from the old computer to the new (thanks folks, for your help).

But, I can’t seem to find a way of exporting the Scrivener color palette that I had created for highlighting comments - I used custom names for certain colours and this is extremely useful to me.

I’d rather not recreate the Scrivener color palette on the new Scrivener software.
Is there a way of exporting this old Scrivener color palette?

Thanks and best all,

If you’re speaking of color sets:

^^^That reference is in a yellow tip box at the end of Sec. 18.5.1 in the Scrivener manual.

If the Library folder isn’t visible, first > Open Finder > Micha’s Home Folder > View menu (in the Finder menu bar) > Show View Options > tick the box for Show Library Folder…

Then/or, Open Finder > Micha’s Home Folder > Library > Colors > Scrivener.clr…

Thanks SC - that works a charm. Much appreciated!
Reference to manual noted and very helpful.