Can you have a document or folder level notes section?

I feel like I’m missing something here. I’m writing a fantasy novel and I love the notes section. When someone new shows up, I note their name and where they are and whatever details I put about them. Same thing with new locations.
I also use it for stuff like currency equivalencies so I’m consistent. Plus all kinds of other little facts like that to keep details at hand and make the consistency editing pass a LOT less work later. No winding up with a side character whose name is spelled three different ways or who has five different eye colors, for instance.
But to use it, I have to put the entire document in one text entry, since each text entry has a new notes section.
Is there a document level notes? Or a folder level one? I’m at the point where I need to start dividing things into chapters. My notes section is almost 3k words on its own and is an invaluable reference since it sits there right next to where I’m writing and I can scroll through it for a detail without losing the position where I’m typing.
If not, is there some better way to handle this besides the Notes pane? It is so immensely useful I can’t imagine I’m the only person that does something like this. I primarily write on a 13" macbook pro, so the layout of Notes next to the document but not taking up a ton of space really works for me.

You might want to look at the Project Bookmarks feature. You can put notes like these in their own section(s) in the Binder, and use the bookmark list to pull them up as needed.

Notes work well if they are only relevant to the specific document or folder they are linked to. Character sheets and other background data, on the other hand, are likely to be relevant to the whole novel.

So I’d say the Binder is a better place for character sheets and the like. Either in the Research folder, or in another folder on the same level—just not in the Draft folder, since that is the place for the manuscript only.

There are a number of ways to display the contents of a research file alongside the document in Editor. One way would be to split the Editor, either vertically or horizontally. The Copy Holder would be another, as would the Quick Reference pane. Play around with these to see what suits your workflow and screen real estate best.

EDIT: @kewms was faster than me, and of course, unlike me, she did not forget the Project Bookmarks…

My suggestion does not conflict with yours. Use the Binder to organize the notes files, per your suggestion, the Bookmarks list to find them, and then whatever part of the interface is convenient to display them.

My personal favorite is to use the Bookmarks list as a mini-Binder for a Quick Reference pane, but that might be less comfortable on a smaller monitor.

No, of course it does not. I just stupidly forgot to mention the Project Bookmarks. Although I do use Bookmarks a lot, as opposed to Quick Panes.

It’s great how many different ways Scrivener allows you to display research material. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and more objective reasons such as screen size.

And also the type of text: I can imagine that for a fantasy novel, as @mdubois writes, displaying the character sheets only in the Bookmarks section of the Inspector might be the best solution. Whereas in a project with many footnotes, for example, this would mean having to switch back and forth between the Bookmark and Footnote sections of the Inspector far too often.