Can you have a separate program for 1.9 and 3.0 on the same machine?

I tried asking this one on Twitter a week ago but tagged the wrong account. When I tagged the right account I got no response. It was probably best to come straight to the source.

My question is if it is possible that I can install the new version of Scrivener for Windows on my machine while managing to keep the old version as a separate program?

It might seem like a silly question, but I have loved Scrivener for at least 10 years. It’s the first program that gets fired up each day and the last that gets shut down. and I recommend it to fellow writers every chance that I get. I am asking this question because I am very tired of software developers dumbing down pro-level software in order to cater to the “consumer market” and breaking features that I use in the process.


You are unlikely to find that Scrivener 3 is “dumbed down.”

But yes, you can install both if you like.


Thanks, Katherine. That’s good to know.

I have them both installed and have even had them running at the same time. No problem. They seem totally unaware of each others.

Be aware though that project formats are not the same – though projects can be converted between the two versions, in both directions.

Son totalmente compatibles en Windows 10. Lo que yo hice fue instalarlos en dos carpetas con nombres diferentes, por ejemplo: Scrivener 1 y Scrivener 3. Sigo usando la antigua versión por problemas de idioma. En las próximas actualizaciones ya comprobaré como funciona la versión 3.