Can you have different PCs, one Scrivenr, different drop boxes?

Is it possible to have Scrivener on two Windows’ Machines using same Scrivener account but with different drop-box accounts?

Hi Worddoodler,

You’d don’t explicitly state it, but my assumption is you’re trying to share a Scrivener project across two PCs that are signed into different Dropbox accounts.

I haven’t shared projects this way myself, but according to Dropbox help you would accomplish this by sharing the folder containing the project. What I would do is treat one of the Dropbox accounts as the owner and the other as the guest, and from the owner PC, using the Dropbox app, share the folder containing the Scrivener project(s) with the other guest Dropbox account.

See the URL below for the specific Dropbox guidance. I suggest you start with the method under Share a file or folder with the Dropbox app on your computer.

Let us know whether that works out for you.