Can you insert a code to auto split a doc

Clutching at straws here.

Does Scrivener read any magic codes, $s$code$ or whatever, to tell it what to do with imported copy?

It would be nice and simple to mark up my text into rough sections in Word and then pour it into Scrivener.

Pretty sure it does not exist - might I suggest it for the future.

If there is no code system more than happy for mods to delete this message.

Did not want to add this to other message or it might have got missed.


There isn’t at the moment, although an “import and split” feature doing just this is something that will be added as Scrivener for Windows catches up to the Mac 2.0 version. For now, you could still do something like that and then use the find/replace dialogue to quickly jump to each section and then split it manually yourself–not quite as efficient as an automated process, clearly, but still pretty fast. The split feature will be getting a “split at selection” keyboard shortcut with the next update that will make it much easier. (The split behavior will also be changed so that the focus moves to the newly split off document rather than remaining in the original, but I don’t see this marked for the next beta so it may not have made it in. In that case you might want to work around it by starting at the bottom of the document to do your splits and using “find previous” to work your way up.)

MM thanks for the helpful reply.

I am literally 24 hours or less away from starting the import. Is there any indication of when the next iteration of the beta will be frozen and uploaded?

I am very aware that someone somewhere is slaving away over a hot PC but I have a seven week window in which to finish this book (which may well turn out to be two books - in which case I have a lot of writing to do!!)

If it is likely that it will be out in a couple of days then I will probably hold off. If not I will soldier on and pray that either it arrives on time or I can carry on using the old one by tweaking my clock :open_mouth:

ATB and thanks for the reply.


I’ve emailed Lee to check on the ETA for the beta build, so I’ll get back once I’ve got that, but for now I can’t swear it’ll be here in two days and not five. If you think Scrivener is, generally, the tool for you and you want to start progressing on your book immediately, I’d say just go ahead and import now; splitting will be a little more of a pain than if you waited, but plenty of others have already successfully imported and split lengthy drafts, so it’s certainly doable, and likely the time spent doing that will be worth it if it gets you moving forward on your book earlier.

I don’t want to try and sway you too much either way; I consider Scrivener a fantastic writing tool, and I love using it, but it is still in beta and you may still run into issues with it, so whether the benefits outweigh the inconveniences is something you’ll have to decide. If you do hop aboard, though, definitely just make sure to backup compulsively–there’s a Backup Project To… feature you’ve probably already seen, to get a backup of your whole project, and I also recommend compiling at regular intervals to get all your writing out in a single, externally accessible document, just as another form of proliferating your backups.

EDIT: Okay, beta 025’s looking to be out on the 28th, Sydney time.

Thanks Jennifer. Pity but guess I will have to go for it.

Do wish Lee (I think that is his name) good luck.

Might I humbly suggest that the next beta version has a bit more of a generous overlap? Mind you maybe the tighter deadline is a good tool against procrastination. :smiley:

I used to know Douglas Adams and his publishers once locked him into a hotel suite for two weeks to force him to finish one of his novels.