Can you lead me to ......

Could someone be so kind as to lead me to an indepth discussion of Tags, Labels, and Annotations? For some reason I can’t find those discussed in the tutorial or help section of Scrivener.

Try looking up “Meta-Data” in the Help files (tags are called “Keywords” in Scrivener). But you won’t get an in-depth discussion of uses if that’s what you want, I’m afraid - I suspect because Scrivener is designed to be sufficiently flexible for you to roll your own. And I don’t remember such a discussion in this forum.

Much will depend on what you’re writing, and how. Are you writing fiction, with a separate file for each scene? Then with a single label for each file, you could use labels for point-of-view, or setting, or levels of conflict, or tension, or passion. You could use keywords for characters in each scene, and annotations for notes to yourself. Don’t forget you have “Status” and “Notes” as well.

Or as it is for some folk, these could be aspects of the software that you use sparingly or not at all.


That’s a fairly wide spread of features, and I don’t believe we’ve ever had a discussion on all three of them together. If you search the forums and go way back, years, you’ll find a number of lengthy discussions on usage of specific features like these. As Hugh said, it is all up to the user how these things get used, but if you are looking for inspiration, you might go back to when we were first all discussing the features. Some of them might not be intuitively placed, because it was not until later that the usage and tips & tricks forums were set up.

Thanks to both of you. Just knowing that “tags” are called ‘keywords’ in Scrivener helps a lot. I use keywords and they do come in very handy (I’m writing a persuasive argument now).

Is “Annotation” just another word for “Notes” in Scrivener? If so, then I know what they are and use them a lot too.

I need clarification for the way we’re supposed to use the Draft and Research sections of the Binder.

As I understand it, the Draft part is where we just put text, our chapters, so to speak, and we can also put blue active links to Web sites there too. But the Research part of the Binder is where we drag and drop text/audio/video files and Web pages. Is this the only place where these can appear?

If I’m wrong, please correct me, and also, can someone let me know how to ‘de-activate’ a blue link that appears in the Draft part?

Nope - two different things. Annotations are “inline” comments, embedded in the text as you write - look under “Text Menu” in Help. A clever thing about them is that they can be “ghosted”, so they appear fainter (and so less intrusive) on the screen. Notes come in two flavours: Project Notes and Document Notes both appear in the lower pane of the Inspector and are accessed by toggling the header bar which contains their name. Again, see “Meta-Data” in Help.

The Help files, Tutorial, FAQ, Wiki and Keith’s video on the product page are really excellent for software of this type and contain just about all the answers but it takes a little while to put them all together - so worth reading/viewing more than once.


Thanks Hugh, I’m a little impatient because I’m trying to show my friend all the main features of Scriveners and she’s coming tomorrow to look. Thanks for telling me the difference between Annotations and Notes and where to find out how to use them!

I wish all makers of software would write Manuals and send them out, even if they charge extra for them. I like sitting down (not at the computer) and studying them. And it’s so easy to find what you’re looking for if its all in one place. Thanks again.