Can you link comments / footnotes to multiple points in text


I’m using Scrivener both as a note taking and storage tool as well as writing platform. Great software!

However, I’ve been wondering is it possible to create a comment/footnote which links to multiple points in the documents? I’ve seen this functionality in several other notation tools, but so far I can’t make it work in Scrivener.

I sometimes wish to use comments to indicate details of citations used in the text. Especially in cases where I’m just taking notes of someone else’s article. So, for example, my document has quotations from a source which in turn cites another author:

“While Sartre (1956) claims that, we think this blah blah blah.”

And then I create a note which stores the detailed citation info (usually with a link to Bookends). However, this sometimes gets messy with repeated citations to the same source. I haven’t yet found a way to make several links to one comment. The comment anchor just jumps to a new place.

At the moment I’ve solved the issue simply by multiplying the comment. But this gets sometimes messy with longer documents. The notes end up looking like this:

It would be much simpler and clearer if there would be just one comment and then several anchors to it in the text. Can this be done somehow? If not, could this functionality be added in the future?

Sorry to say we don’t have anything planned to accommodate this in the near future. It’s one of those things we have on a list to look into eventually, however. There are some technical problems with how comments are saved right now that would require a lot of rethinking in order to make this work.

Meanwhile the best approach that I can think of is to use linked documents instead of comments. Have a folder of references, and for each item you wish to refer to, drag that card into the section’s References list in the Inspector, or insert a Scrivener Link to the item in the text. So basically wherever you would have wanted a highlight to the comment, you would link to the commonly used card.