Can you link endnotes?

Is it possible to link endnotes to their source in an exported Scrivener document? I exported as an RTF, opened it in Word, and none of my notes are linked. Is it possible to do this before exporting? I’d like to avoid cutting and pasting 665 notes in Word.

Could you explain what you mean? Footnotes and endnotes exported to Word should look just like regular Word foot- or endnotes. What project template are you using?

I’m using a non-fiction manuscript template in Scrivener. I opened the RTF document in a basic Word document. No template. I need the superscript numbers linked to the endnotes and currently there is no link. Thanks for your advice.

When you click into “RTF Compatibility” in the “All Options” view of Compile, is “Flatten footnotes…” ticked by any chance?

Yes, I ticked “flatten footnotes.” Anything else you can think of?
The notes look great in Word. Only problem is there’s no link. I can’t think of anything else.

What if you un-check it?

That worked! The first time I exported, I didn’t tick flatten footnotes and the notes weren’t linked. But that may have been because I copied and pasted the RTF into a Word doc. This time it worked.

Thanks SO much. You really saved me.

You’ll note that the description under “Flatten footnotes…” explains that the option turns footnotes into regular text, and that it is useful for word processors that don’t support true footnotes (e.g. TextEdit, which won’t ready linked footnotes at all). And yes, your problem will have been copying and pasting across.

On the Mac, when you double-click on an RTF file, it will open by TextEdit by default. But TextEdit only has limited RTF support - it will ignore footnotes, comments, headers and footers and images, among other things. They just won’t appear at all. (Unless you tick “Flatten” in Scrivener, which turns footnotes into standard, unlinked text.) If you open the RTF file directly in Word, however, Word can read all of its features. You can also export directly to .doc and .docx if you want to go to Word, though.