Can you link files in the research binder to each other?

For instance, I have a PDF file that is several pages long. I have an email from the person that created the PDF giving me a brief description of the PDF file he created. So I made a new card and pasted the email text inside it in order to have the explanation close at hand. However, I can see that as time goes on, I am going to have many files and it won’t be so obvious that the files are linked.

Is there a way to “link” the to files together in Scrivener manually so I know that this file goes with the other file? I know you can create a folder and through the files in there, but I was curious if a link could be created to prevent folder creation.


Two ways:

  1. Use a Scrivener link (Text > Scrivener Link, or just drag the file from binder into the text of the main document to create a link).

  2. Document references (show the inspector, click on the references button). That way you could set up a reference to the e-mail from the PDF file and vice versa (or both).


Thanks! That did it!