Can You Link Within a Document?

I want to link something near the front of my book to the very back of my book. I know you can use Scrivener link to easily link them but those links don’t work once you compile into .mobi. Is there away to link within a document while in Scrivener and have the links still work once I’ve compiled it. I can’t find anything on how to do this or if it’s even possible. Thanks!

I’m wondering the same. The version of Scrivener I had on Windows 7 allowed Scrivener Links to compile into .mobi format, but the newest version (that I downloaded for use with Windows 10) does not.

What gives? Why did this functionality disappear?


does anyone know? I want to do the same thing with a list of books I’d written

Just wanna push this topic back into view. I definetly need the Scrivener Links to work after compile. I also found Tutorials where this option is mentioned, why is it gone? Or is it just hidden somewhere? Please bring it back!

As I recall it wasn’t actually working before though, right? It would create a hyperlink, but the href would point to a non-existent file within the e-book making it useless. I haven’t checked recently, but if they removed the code that creates a useless hyperlink then that seems like a good change to me.

Ah yes, here we go, searching the change log page for the phrase “scrivener link”, we find this under 1.7.3, August 19, 2014:

Ultimately the goal is create working hyperlinks, however for now this is something you need to do in the post-compile phase. I recommend starting with ePub, which is easier to edit with tools like Calibre and Sigil, and then converting to Mobi once all formatting and structural production changes are made.

Thank you a lot for that hint. I found out that Scrivener Links are converted correctly when you compile into RTF. Easy to open that in OpenOffice and save it as PDF… Links still working. Jippi!