Can you preserve format of indents for .mobi?

Using Windows 1.9.

Some of my characters are DMing each other and I want to differentiate that text from the rest of the prose. I stumbled upon using the Block Quote style in the forum, which gives me a different font with my .mobi compile.

What I need is to indent the Block Quote as a block (just like it looks in the Editor). I’m using “Preserve Formatting,” but after compiling, the text is still left-justified to the margin with only the first line indented - so while the text looks the way I want it, it’s indented like a normal paragraph.

Is there a way to indent an entire block of text that stays that way after compiling to .mobi?


Well, figured it out, though the workaround is a bit of a PITA.

Created a table (didn’t even realize you could create tables in Scrivener until this evening). It’s one row and two columns. I reduced the first column to 8%. In the second column I added the Block Quote text and used “Preserve formatting.”

To get the .mobi compile to honor the width of that first column, I had to add a non-breaking space to it (maybe a regular space would have worked, I didn’t try it … used to working in HTML and using non-breaking spaces).

The above made sense to me and I figured that out right away. The following I don’t know why it works, but at first there wasn’t enough of a line space after the table. I fixed that by simply entering a return after the non-breaking space in the first column. So even when the text in the second column was several lines long, that “return” in the first column gave the correct line space after the table. No idea why.