Can you recommend an editor who works in Scrivener?

Hi, I’m hoping to find an editor who knows Scrivener well enough to edit within it using Scrivener’s tools.

Ideally, I’d like to use dropbox and Scrivener and avoid the whole export to Word cycle (multiple times).

Thanks for any ideas, names, or URLs!

Editor: do you mean a manuscript doctor, or a pro at a publishing house?
If the latter, you’re only likely to find Word users.
And they will expect your MS to be in the best possible condition.
Otherwise, they probably would not have bought it for publication.
If the former, you might find someone on this forum who is available for hire.

Another great tool for collaboration, if that’s what you’re seeking, is Google Docs.
You may export from Scrivener in DOC or RTF to Google Drive.
Then set up sharing of the file, and you can do live editing/commenting
Between two users in different cities or countries.