Can you set font colour for full view?


I’m totally new to Scrivener and am having a play with the Beta version which looks amazing!

I’m looking for a way that I can change the font color in full view mode - can this be done? My preference is to have the screen totally black with no page borders. It seems to take the default font colour from whatever is set in the text editor. I can change the colour there but obviously, what works in the editor might not work on full screen. Can you set these independently?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, yes you can - sorry, this isn’t covered in the tutorial yet because it’s all in beta. Have a look in Preferences - you can change the font colour there, so it is possible to have a completely black background with green text if you wish. You can also scale the text to make it larger. (Note that you can’t change the actual font, though, because it is rich text.)

Hope that helps,

der! How did I miss that?! Thank you :slight_smile: