Can you show both the chapter summary/notes and meta-data at the same time in Scrivener 3?

I’m on Windows, btw.

In Scrivener 1 the custom meta-data was below the chapter summary. This was really nice as I had some meta-data about when the event began and ended, and also the summary right there.

In Scrivener 3, which I finally decided to try, the summary/notes and meta-data are in two different tabs in the information panel.

It’s minor, but annoying, to swap between them. Can you move these around at all, or are they stuck where they are?

Technically, they can’t be moved.
And it is one at a time.

Opening the document as a quick reference, you can have a duplicate set to a different panel to look at :wink:

Zoom Screenshot


If this is something that you plan to use on a regular basis, you could set yourself a dedicated layout,

Screenshot screen layout


and have the quick reference panel on the side so that you don’t have to constantly recall it to the front :

Screenshot Screen partition

The quick reference panel can’t be saved as part of the layout, but Scrivener will on the other hand save its “non full screen” size and position, therefor saving the gap you need to put the quick reference into.

Once you have Scrivener and your panel all set up, instead of using a new quick reference panel each time you change documents (because then the quick reference panel needs to be set again each time – which would quickly turn annoying), instead, just drag the sheet icon from the main editor’s header to the quick reference’s editor’s header.

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