Can you sort the binder?

I JUST bought Scrivener, and it is delightful, however, as I play with it and get used to it (I used to use CopyWrite) I find there seems to be no easy way to sort the binder. I am creating a master folder with all my journal entries, and I would like to sort them by year, ie: January, February, and sort the FOLDERS by year, ie: 1991, 1992, etc. Is there a way to do this or do I have to do it manually?



I’m afraid there is no way to do this. You can run a search and sort the search, but not the binder. The reason for this is that the binder is an outline view (it has multiple levels) - whereas CopyWrite, for instance, holds a flat list, which is easy to sort. Sorting an outline is very difficult because it would mean flattening parents against children and so forth and make drag and drop impossible.

You can, however, sort it in a permanent manner using Documents > Sort. This will change the order permanently…


Thanks Keith.

I have to do a lot of reading in the help files, perhaps even print them out. However, I do have another question. Is it possible to get a total project word count instead just a document count?

View > Statistics > Project Statistics (note that in 1.03 this can sometimes cause a crash - if so, download the new beta from the Beta Testing forum).

View>Statistics>Project Statistics.

EDIT: D’oh. Half a millisecond too late in hitting ‘submit.’

Thanks, I appreciate it. BTW, will the new version cost more for an upgrade? Please say no.


As far as Im aware, any upgrades up to version 2(V.2 wont happen for a very long time), are free, if you already have a licence.

Im pretty sure thats right.

Dont print out the help files, until you have v.1.10. Keiths put a lot of work into rewriting them.


Exactly right. No way would I charge for any 1.x upgrades. 1.x is all about fixing bugs and refining the interface and main features, so you’ve already paid for that sort of stuff if you’ve registered. 2.x will be big changes, but that’s not even in the planning stage yet.

In other words - updates are free for the foreseeable future, and there will be plenty of warning before any changes to that.


Thanks again fellas, you guys surely are quick to answer. Now, what was that about printing the help files? How long should I wait? Do you have a PDF file with the entire help file in it? That would help. I have been working diligently with this new program, and it is now one of my all-time favorites.

By the way, where do you guys hail from? Is the writer of the program from the U.K.? I ask because I saw color spelled in the British version of colour. I spent three years in the UK, from 1982-1985. It was great. But, now I cannot give blood because of the mad cow crap. Oh well. I am from Douglasville, Georgia, USA just inches from Atlanta. WE NEED RAIN! HELP!!

Yeah, I’m British (I’m the sole developer/creator of Scrivener). I live in London and have done for over ten years (both my kids were born in SE London), though I originally hail from the midlands (near Birmingham - UK Birmingham, not Birmingham, Alabama :slight_smile: ). Thus you will find that the website and help files all use UK spellings, though the Scrivener interface uses US spellings (because Apple don’t make allowances for non-US English in interfaces). Every so often I get someone e-mailing me to tell me that my site is not very professional because I have spelling mistakes on it - for instance, “licence” - because they don’t realise (not realize!) that the spellings are British. :slight_smile: Where abouts in the UK did you stay?

As for printing the Help file… I hope to release 1.10 tomorrow. Right now I’m too drunk and just hoping there aren’t going to be any more bug reports over night (bug reports have started tumbling in since Leopard was released). There is no easy way to print the whole Help file, though, I’m afraid. I keep it all as HTML, which is the way that help files are created for the Apple Help viewer. It’s a shame their Help viewer doesn’t have a “print all” function built in…

All the best,

I have to say looks very good …
good luck for you .


The next non beta version, thats v1.10, is out anytime now. Since the help files for anything less than 1.10 could, be deficient in relevant info( if only a sentence or two), Im waiting for 1.10 to be released in to the wild, before I print it off.

Somewhere in these forums is a discussion about printer friendly versions of the help files. Keith or Amber are best qualified to advise you about it. But! there is a lot of it, thats why Im advising you to wait. Its possibly already finished in beta v1.095. Just be patient untill you know for sure its all there.

As for, whence we hail, well: The developer and skipper of The Good Ship Scrivener, is Captn Blount, or Keith as he is known to his freinds (thats why we all call him Capt`n or sir), resides in London. KB is a teacher.

Scriveners 1st Mate and Captn Blounts righthand woman is Amber V . What she doesnt know about Scrivener, isnt worth knowing. Amber hails from Portland Oregon, as do half of the other members of the crew. Jeeezz!! Everywhere you look on board Scriv, you can see a Portlander lurking, or skulking` about. In fact there are more of them, than there are rats in the bilges. The rest of us come from all over the World.

That`s about it L2W.

Take care

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Hi Keith, I completely understand any Neanderthals that would try to ding you on British spelling, as for me I have always found it charming.

I was stationed at RAF Upper Heyford and worked avionics on F-111’s. I did a lot of traveling though. I am Scottish by heritage so I went there several times, I went to London practically every weekend and knew all the pubs. I am originally from Boston, MA (but I’m okay now) and the first day I was on base I had to get a haircut by this bloke who could not believe I was not from wales with my Yankee accent.

I went to Paris, Germany, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and ALL over the UK. I LOVED it there but from what I read it has turned into Orwell’s nightmare. AND, to top it all off they now disparagingly call it Londonistan. Oh well, I will go back someday.

I LOVED shepherds pie, and Newcastle Brown Ale, YUM! The British people were great; I loved them.

That had to be one of the funniest screeds I have read in a long time. The rats and all. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA What a great sense of humor ya’ll have.



It can only get worse, believe me


If it can only get wors then I want more!

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That`s what the Bishop said to the actress