Can you turn off auto-generated toc?

Mobi (kindle) compiling turns on an auto-generated TOC. I’d rather make my own (with Copy Special) but I see no way to turn off the auto one. I know other Compile formats don’t have it, but… I like a lot of the other special things the e-book compile does, and don’t want to have to create them from scratch on a new compile pre-set.

I sure can’t find a choice for it in the compile options, so wondering where, if anywhere, it can be turned off?

If you would like to work with a Mobi after compilation, the best thing to do is work with the ePub format, and then use a tool like Sigil or Calibre’s editing module to adjust things like the ToC layout, formatting or whatever else you wish to do. Once you’ve completed your alterations, simply load the .epub file in Kindle Previewer to automatically generate a .mobi. To my knowledge there are no tools out there right now that allow one to edit a Mobi file and still end up with the hybrid legacy MobiPocket+KF8 format you’ll want for maximum Kindle compatibility.

There will be more extensive control over ToC handling in the future, by the way.

OK, thanks for the info! Happy to hear some more TOC features are coming! Scrivener is already my only writing software I need, and it’s getting closer and closer to being the only publishing software I need too.