Can you "undo typing" like you can on Mac OS?

Can you “undo typing” like you can on Mac OS? I work on the Ipad, occasionally on the Iphone.



When I shake my iPhone, it offers to “Undo Typing”–I assume you can do that with an iPad as well. If using an external keyboard, then CMD-Z might work (that I don’t have any experience with–I don’t have an external keyboard hooked up to my phone).

Yes, CMD-Z works with an external keyboard.

On both my iPad and iPhone, when I type undo/redo arrows appear on the left side of the screen. On the iPad that’s right above the keyboard, and on the 5s that’s above the document entry area.

In iOS 10 on an iPad using the on screen keyboard:

The two curved arrows at the top, left of the keyboard = undo and redo. When using an external kb, that top row remains on screen.

At the external keyboard –
undo = cmd-z
redo = cmd-shift-z

(Edit: Sorry for the redundancy. I didn’t see JimRac’s post.)

Your picture is worth a thousand of my words…! :slight_smile:

Thank you, everyone! NOW I know what those arrows mean. And also how to do the tasks with my external keyboard.

Thanks again! Happy day to everyone1