Can you use more than 1 labe

I can’t find the answer on this question any where and I really want to know if it is some how possible to use more labels than only one.
I am using the novel format and I use the labels to mark pieces for point of views but in some pieces more than one point of view is used and thus I’d love to be able to give it 2 labels.

Thank you in advance!

You can only have one label per document, so your choices are limited to splitting the document if there is a shift from one POV to another, or if the POV bounced back and fourth between two or more people, then you’ll need to create labels for each combination of points of view.

Another option is to switch to keywords for POV, and then you can represent any number of points of view.

I use the label to tag subplots and keywords for POV.

I changed it now as well, but is their anyway I can make the keywords show up in the outliner?

Not at present, but since it’s a feature of the Mac version, they must have plans to implement that at some point.

You can see the colors associated with each keyword on the cork board however. The menu item is View->Cork board options->Show Keyword colors.