Can you view document notes from multiple documents at once?

Hello. I did some searching around, and I can’t find anything like this, but Scrivener has so many features! I’m interested in viewing the document notes (just the notes, not the document itself) for multiple (like… all) of the files in my manuscript at once. Is there a view/way to do this (similar to notecards on the corkboard?) I keep putting little notes or to-do items with the individual documents they refer to, but would like to be able to look at them in some sort of compiled mode to get a complete picture of my thoughts!

If anyone has any clues or workarounds they would be greatly appreciated!

AH… Mac person here; there’s no easy way to do this inside Scrivener in either Scrivener 2 or Scrivener 3, to the best of my knowledge, so I’m betting there’s no way to do this in Windows Scriv, either. Document notes really stick to their documents.

If it were me, I’d take one of two approaches:

  1. Build a special compile format to output all the document notes in, say, a PDF, that you could then import back to scriv and view in a split editor. The problem with that is that when (not if; I know better than “if”) you change those notes, you’ll have to re-compile and re-import–which seems to me to be more trouble than just going through one doc at a time.
  2. Use linked notation instead, for these little to-do sorts of things. It’s what I do (only on the mac it’s called inspector comments.) You can select as many documents in the binder as you like and put them in a Scrivening. Then click in the scrivening, and click on the little thought balloon icon over the inspector, and there are all those notations, in order. you can scroll through them, click on one, and the notation link will take you to that part of the text and you can do your fixes, then delete the notation.

Of course, I can’t give detailed instructions–I wouldn’t dare. I know the menu items are in different places and so forth in the Windows Scriv, and a lot of things are just not there in 1.9.x . But I do keep a copy of the Windows Scriv manual and I know that linked notation, at least, is available.

Hope this discussion of general approaches is a help!

P.S. I note that you also use iOS. Linked notations will show up as links in your text on iOS, and tapping on one will pop it up in a little window. It has forward and backward arrows, and you can zip through the notations in that particular document, but since iOS has no Scrivenings, it’s just the notations in that one document.