Cancel chapter titles


Two questions related to chapter heading when compiling:
Question one:
I am a new user of Scrivener and I still have some trouble… I have a short novel, which I divided into chapters to make it more legible. No need to have ‘Chapter One’ or any Title. I cancelled prefix in the compile pane, which made ‘Chapter one’ disappear. But no way to cancel the title. I tried then to replace the first words of my chapters by ‘Untitled’ but then the title in the compiling becomes ‘Untitled’. I try to have a blank title but then I got ‘Untitled document’ at the head of head compiled chapter.
How can I manage to have nothing?

Question two:
In case I would like to start each chapter with a simple number, I mean a figure (1, 2…) or a roman figure (I, II…), is there a way to do that? What I get when I cancel the word ‘Chapter’ in the prefix, is a word ('Un, Deux…) instead of a figure.

How can I deal with that?

Thank you



First, to get rid of the title, just untick “Title” from the list at the top of the “Formatting” pane in the Compile sheet.

Regarding figures, yes, you can use simple numbers, too - the “<$n>” tag would do that, but all such tags can be inserted using the Edit > Insert > Auto-Number menu so that you don’t have to remember the actual tags.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Hi Keith

Half of it works :slight_smile: Thank you for prompt reaction.

Cancellation of title is fine (how stupid I am…).

Numbering is weird: with <$n> it works only starting from the second chapter and the following ones. The first one has no number, which I don’t understand.
And when I look to autonumbering, everything is in grey and I cannot select any choice, except if I place the cursor in the text itself - but then it does not make a figure centered before each chapter…

still puzzled


Hi Patrick,

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean bout inserting the auto-number - can you please describe more clearly what it is you are trying?

<$n> will get replaced with 1, 2 and so on whenever it is encountered in the text, so if it is starting at 2 then there must be an <$n> earlier somewhere. Perhaps you could post some screenshots so that I can see more clearly what you mean?