Cancel Scrivenings "Loading Text"?

Sometimes in Scrivenings mode I accidentally click on a folder in the binder that is so jam-packed with files that it can take my old MBP ten or more seconds to process before it displays all the text. During that time I get the “Loading Text” message with the spinning progress timer, and I can’t do anything with Scrivener until the process is complete. I would love to be able to cancel loading big folders like that with, say, Command-Period or Escape. ¿Ees possible?

Are you using the older version of Scrivener? This has been much improved in 2.x. If you accidentally click on an 800,000 word manuscript with scrivenings mode on, you can click anywhere else in the binder to cancel, even while it is spinning. Any navigation function should work. Cmd-[ to go back in history, for example, should also cancel.

No, I am using (very happily!) the latest version of Scrivener, but the MBP is of 2007 vintage, running Tiger. I hadn’t tried Command-[ to cancel loading, but that certainly does the trick. Thanks.

You can just click on any other document in the binder, too.