Canceling the Preserve Formatting command

I’m a new user, a few months, anyway. I inadvertently highlighted a block of text in a document and applied the “Preserve Formatting” option under format/formatting/preserve text. This gave me the blue block highlighted with the dotted line around the text. I don’t need it and have gone back to the menu to unblock it, but it doesn’t erase the block around the text. I would appreciate some help.

That should be working fine, this is just a form of formatting itself, technically speaking, and thus works the same as bold. Maybe that’s the thing, just like putting your cursor into the middle of a bold paragraph will do nothing when you hit Cmd-B, you’ll need to select all of the preserved text to toggle it off.

Of course the is also undo, if you haven’t close the project or made extensive edits to this Binder file since making the text preserved.

Hi, Amber.
Nope. The only thing that worked was logging into the text and highlighting it. right clicking the mouse and choosing the “match style” command at the bottom. That took away the blue block and the dotted line That’s what I wanted. Clicking on the checked “Preserve Formatting” to undo it, didn’t work. Either there is a glitch in the software, or it’s something I don’t understand. Thank you.