Cancelling long multi loads

Would be good if there was a way to cancel the loading of a long multi, e.g., by pressing Esc.

Even on a fast computer, a folder with many documents can take a long time to open, during which time Scrivener goes unresponsive. It usually manages to load the multi and return control, but it can take a while.

Inadvertently selecting a deep folder (eg, the Drafts folder) whether by clicking it directly, or simply arrowing past one in the binder, can be a big nuisance, and it can be more convenient terminate Scrivener in Task Manager and reload it than wait for the unwanted multi with several hundred individual items to finish loading.

Already on the “To Do” list, Mad Girl.

Too many subdocuments for Outline or Scrivenings to display

(Great work can’t be rushed…)

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks, Jerome. :slight_smile: