Cannot access - need write permission

I have not used Scrivener for awhile, but today I opened it, found an update available, updated the program and then tried to open one of my files in Dropbox. Got an error message shown in the attachment. Tried several other Scrivener files with the same result. Any help will be appreciated.

Screen Shot 12-25-16 at 02.51 PM.PNG

UPDATE: I now find that if I right click the scrivener.exe file and Open as Administrator, everything works fine. Since I am logged in as Administrator, why do I have to do this?

I have the same problem, only I can’t open as administrator as that is not an option for me…I can’t access several of my older projects anymore…

I have the same issue! I was actually going to start a new topic on this. I had no trouble with the old version on a free trial. I updated, and got a paid version, and now the only folder I can save into is my documents. I used to save from within the program to three locations. My Dropbox account, an External SD card, and my Desktop. Now I can’t save to ANY of those locations. Only My Documents. Now I have to save in my documents, and Copy/Paste to the other locations. I’m not going to only have one copy of a 75k word and counting Draft.

Running the program as administrator, and in compatibility mode for other OS’s doesn’t work. This is on windows 8.1 64bit. :frowning:

You might try to copy/paste the project into a new location(Documents folder) to make sure you have the proper access rights. This might happen when you change accounts, or upgrade Windows installation, and many more cases described on the web.

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I have been looking for hours how to solve the problem you are addressing here, and now I am able to access the files I thought I had lost forever! Grateful to you and to this forum for your help!