Cannot access recent versions of my work, only able to access version from 2 weeks ago

When I opened Scrivener today, it opened to a really old version of my project. When I went into my backups, there were ten and the version I saved yesterday was only version 6. When I go to access version 6 it says “file is not writable, access is denied. Auto-saves needs write permission to your project.” Help! This is a novel I’ve been working on for months and I can’t afford to lose this much work.

p.s. forgot to say I’ve checked the security folder and I do have the correct permissions and I’ve also checked the general folder and it is not set for read-only.

Have you checked your antivirus software to see if you have whitelisted Scrivener.exe? It is often the solution to access problems.

OK, problem resolved. Talked to Microsoft folks.

Might be useful to others, to hear what they said, or you learned??